Bring a water bottle and sunscreen. 

A reflective safety strap and helmet will be provided.

Please be careful of pedestrians, other cyclists, and cars. It is especially important in and around parking spaces to look for car lights, indicating that the car is on and may back up without seeing you. Furthermore, it is important when passing parked cars to look there is a person seated in the car that may swing a door open into you.

Please step down from the bicycle and walk across the road at crossings.

Follow your guide closely to not get lost and stay with the group.


At the beginning of any tour with Niagara River Bike Tours you will be required to sign a waiver. A signature is required for liability and insurance reasons. 


We will not share any if your information including name, contact, nor payment, to any third party. If you wish to not have any photos of yourself used in promotion and social media please advise us at the time of your tour.