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       For individuals looking for an outdoor experience that entertains and informs, Niagara River Bike Tours is for you. We offer two and half hour cycling tours showcasing the hidden gems along the Niagara River. The relaxing tour starts at Rosberg Family Park along Queen Street in Niagara Falls and goes North up to Queenston Heights, then finishes back on Queen Street. 

       The tour follows the Niagara River, with informative stops at locations such as the railway bridge, the whirlpool, Niagara Glen Nature Reserve, the Floral Clock, and the Power Stations. The height of the tour is Brock's monument and there we will offer a light refreshment. On the return stops continue to focus on the natural splendour, diversity, and historical richness of the Niagara region. 

      To best accommodate you tours are also offered in Dutch and Spanish as well as English. For those visiting from afar, bicycle rentals are available. We will be offering all participants helmets and reflective vests as well. We have a robust, exciting, and educational itinerary sure to stimulate the curiosity of participants so we hope you will join us. 

Entertaining and Educational

Discover the hidden gems along the Niagara River this summer and dive into the following:

  • breathtaking vistas
  • rich history
  • culture
  • diverse nature
  • geography 
  • and perhaps even some theatrics!

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